Your productivity does not define your worth

Your productivity does not define your worth.

Your productivity does not define your worth.

Repeat it after me.

Your productivity does not define your worth.

Being productive can be an amazing and empowering thing, but it’s not the endgame.

I used to pride myself on multi-tasking. I cherished being a list-writer and thrived on checking off as many things possible on my never-ending list. But no matter how productive I was, it was never enough. There was never a sense of completion because there was always more to be done, or it could have been done better.

That was when I realised I had to stop enmeshing my self-worth with results-based accomplishments. While I’m passionate about optimising my time and life, productivity isn’t the tool to prove my self-worth. And I’ve learned that the hard way. So often, I used to feel overwhelmed or disappointed in my level of productivity which in turn would make me feel like I had failed and wasn’t worthy of being loved or accepted. Despite fundamentally knowing that I was valuable despite my productivity, it was always easy to fall into the trap and feel the pressure to achieve, achieve, achieve. My favourite quote used to be “you can sleep when you die”. I think that says it all.

I’ve since become increasingly aware that we need to stop glorifying productivity.

Your inner sense of self-worth is more important than any external achievements you can check off a list.

Focus on finding a strong and unwavering sense of self-worth, and all the rest is a bonus on top of that. 💖


  • Jen

    Jen is the mama of the On The Slow Lane family. She is an accidental over-achiever and a reformed workaholic. Jen was formerly an online marketing agency owner for 11 years and was also the founder of I Ate My Way Through, an award-winning food & travel blog and food tours/events company. After what feels like a lifetime of unconscious over-consumption, she transitioned to being vegan almost four years ago and has been trying to live more mindfully and consciously since.

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