Stop rushing and complicating things

Stop rushing and complicating things that need time to breathe and grow.

Isn’t that the truth?

Too many things to do, never enough time. Always catching up.

That’s how most of us live our lives.

In her book, Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, Dr. Libby Weaver says that: “Never before in my work have I witnessed so many females in such an intense rush to do everything and be all things to all people… Women are wired. Many of them, are tired too. Tired yet wired. And this relentless urgency, this perception that there is not enough time combined with a never ending to-do list is having significant health consequences for many women.”

We often rush unconsciously and the pressure of multi-tasking doesn’t even fall into the conscious part of decision making. But what if we could slow down and live a calmer and more present life? What if we could stop over-thinking and over-complicating things? Over-analysing and deconstructing things in an endless loop can be exhausting so take this prompt as a gentle nudge to slow down. Remember that you cannot control everything—some things just need time and space to breathe and grow.


  • Jen

    Jen is the mama of the On The Slow Lane family. She is an accidental over-achiever and a reformed workaholic. Jen was formerly an online marketing agency owner for 11 years and was also the founder of I Ate My Way Through, an award-winning food & travel blog and food tours/events company. After what feels like a lifetime of unconscious over-consumption, she transitioned to being vegan almost four years ago and has been trying to live more mindfully and consciously since.

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