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    The FREE Slow Down & Reset Challenge

    The Slow Down Challenge is a free set of 7 actionable challenges—presented one per day—built around slow and intentional living philosophy.

    Our goal is to help you to exchange overwhelm for focus and joy. 

    The Slow Down & Reset Challenge is for you if you have been:

    • Mindlessly running on autopilot
    • Feeling rushed to always move onto the next thing; to do more but never feeling like you’ve achieved anything
    • Wishing you could live on your own terms, at your own deliberate pace
    • Wanting to embrace intentional living, but feeling overwhelmed by it all
    • Yearning for a simpler way of living

    Participants will receive

    7 Custom Challenges
    Delivered daily to your inbox

    Printable 7-Day Calendar
    With custom daily illustrations to track progress

    Invitation To Join Our Private Facebook Group
    For accountability and community

    Each day you will receive the day’s challenge along with a number of resources, including instruction and commentary, on how to best implement the challenge into your daily life.

    That’s seven practical ways you can start your journey towards living at a more deliberate pace.

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    Are you tired of living on autopilot?

    Kick-start your intentional living journey with this FREE 7-day mini course with simple tips and practical actionable steps!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We're currently putting final touches to the challenge and it will be available soon!

    The challenge is self-paced but we recommend completing it in seven consecutive days to ensure you can build momentum. They're seven little challenges with a big impact!

    The challenge has not launched yet, if you register now, you'll be placed on a waitlist. We will be announcing the launch date shortly.

    We recommend allocating half an hour every day to complete the 7-day challenge. Do this when you are at your freshest and ideally, when you can be uninterrupted.