Self-Care: Colour Walking

What is colour walking?

Colour walking is a walking meditation and a mindfulness practice with a focus on colour. It’s a great practice to move the body and reset the mind.

Simply put, colour walking is like a nature scavenger hunt and can help to bring mindfulness to an ordinary stroll through the neighbourhood. The idea is to pick a colour (or the rainbow if you’re like Clara!) and to focus on that colour during the walk.

This is a really easy way to give yourself some headspace and I often find the connection to nature to be invigorating. The beauty of colour walking is that you can go on a colour walk anytime of the year!

The colour walking practice

  1. Take time out to go for a walk
  2. Pay attention with gentle awareness to your breathing, deep abdominal breathing is most helpful
  3. Pay attention with gentle awareness to the colours around you, noticing the nuances, variations, blending, combinations, and contrasts, without judgment, simply noticing the colours that make up your environment
  4. Keep a non-judgmental stance toward yourself for your attention getting side-tracked; when you become aware of this, gently bring your focus back to your breathing and the colours
  5. Be in the present moment

Below is a collection of photos from my recent colour walk where I focused on the colour orange!

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